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shirt marine monitoring
Unidive Volunteer marine monitoring project t-shirt
Shirt designed for volunteers mapping the marine environment of Point Look Out, North Stradbroke Island
Unidive T-shirts
Shirts designed for the diveclub of the University of Queensland. Bubbles represent the local divesites. Available in red, blue and dark blue.
Munro Centre T-shirts
Shirts designed for Munro childcare centre, available in red and blue.
Grey Nurse Shark T-shirt
Shirts designed for Grey Nurse Shark Habitat Mapping project. Divers from Unidive volunteered to map reefs and habitat.
Remote Sensing workshop
Shirt designed for a scientific workshop on Heron Island, QLD.
National Science Week shirts
Shirt designed for a Coralwatch citizen science event during National Science Week.
Kleine Creaties postcard
Postcards to promote creative holidays and drama workshops in Italy and The Netherlands
Australias Mangroves Postcard
Postcards to promote sales of the book 'Australias Mangroves'
Marovo Postcards
Postcards to raise community awareness showing threats to the reef in Marovo Lagoon, Solomons
Unidive Postcards
Postcards to promote the University of Queensland dive club with underwater photos taken by members.
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Diana Kleine
Graphic Artist