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Marovo Lagoon
Logo designed for a research project in the solomons to protect the marine ecosystem in Marovo Lagoon. Logo represents the lagoon with the double barrier, the mountains of the island and the local fisherman.
Marine Botany research group at the University of Queensland
Two versions of this logo show the change in focus on research over years. Main focus is now on mangroves while before there was a strong focus on seagrass.
Mangrove Macrobenthos Meeting
This logo was designed for a conference. The letter 'M' is used to shape the crab and the roots of the mangroves.
Kleine Creaties
Kleine Creaties is a small company specialised in organising creative and drama workshops in Holland and Italy.
The Munro Centre
Logo designed for a childcare centre. The three kids represent the different groups; babies, two's and toddlers.
Historical Coastlines
Logo designed for a research project about change in tidal wetlands due to natural and human impacts
College at Sea
Logo designed for a study program with research activities in marine environments.
Centre for Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science
This graphic enhancement represents Spatial Ecology, Remote Sensing and GIS/spatial analysis.
Mangrove Watch
Logo designed for a citizen science group to protect mangroves.
Logo designed for a company that is specialised in calibrating instruments.
Corporate Identity
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Diana Kleine
Graphic Artist